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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do You Know Me?

Just how well do you know your online friends? I'm talking about the ones you have never or may never meet.

You may talk to them via your social network of choice. You may have seen pictures of them and their families. But do you really know them?
You may have been corresponding with them via email for years and never heard the sound of their voice.

Can you know, really know, someone who you have not had face to face contact with?

Do they talk with a lisp, or have an accent of some kind, or if maybe have a nervous twitch?

Would they look you in the eye when they talked? Do they throw their head back or politely cover their mouth when they laugh?

Are they the kind of person that smells so good their scent lingers in a room after they are gone? Do they get a mischievous twinkle in their eye when they are telling a joke with a straight face?

For instance, did you know that I talk with my hands? Well, I do. I've been told it's called speaking demonstratively, if that's even a word. I have also been told it's the sign of a creative mind, I don't know if that's true or not. I do know if I sit on my hands while having a conversation with someone it's incredibly difficult for me to form a complete sentence. Ask anyone who has seen me speak in public how I can't keep my hands still when I speak. Would that drive you crazy if we ever actually met?

There is obviously nothing wrong with online friends. I have lots. Several that someday I would love to meet. But I wonder just how well we really know each other. And better yet, would we still be friends if we had met "in real life" first.

My point is this...our little "quirks" are part of our make-up. A real part of who/what we are. Do you truly know someone if you don't know their quirks? And would meeting them, quirks and all, make a difference in your friendship?


  1. LOL Elaine! I feel as though I've known you forever, and we've yet to meet face to face after these 6 fantasic, busy, life evolving years since we first "met" thanks to a shared lust for a certain Mr. Hubbabubba ;) Your charming way of speaking with your hands would endear you even more to me; an Italian who gestures wildly too.I hope someday we do all get to get together. That would certainly be a blast! Love ya- Gina

  2. Gina...you are definitely one I was thinking of. We just have to meet. We have to have an ex-tart get-together somewhere in the middle of all of us.

  3. Hi Elaine , loved your blog, but you already know I really don't know you that well, lol I dont even know what state you live in , I went back to look on your profile didn't see it, then I noticed you have alot of FB friends, what the heck man they cant join your blog, they suck! Hey now I'm here ...

  4. Hiya Dollface...Southern California.
    I do look forward to getting to know you better though between blogging and FB that should be a good start no?
    As for the others eh...the ones that matter know who they are ;)


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